Category Eternal Repose of Souls


Submitted by: sean komarnitskyI have been controlled by a psychic named (eagle witt) for the past 9 months for 24.7 Can you please pray for me and my family! I want to feel safe again. I pray to be free…

Eternal salvation

Submitted by: Xavier CorreiaPray for eternal salvation of George Kuriakose, Francisco Soares, Nelson Braganza, Olivia Dias, Menino Varela, Serafico Quadros, Marshall Fernandes, Socorro Pereira, Philomena Gonsalves, Eugenita Fernandes, Isabella Cardozo, Suarupa Da Cruz, Graciana Saldanha and Carlos Santos.


Submitted by: Annette fathpray for my family will have a safe and good night and good night. pray for my marriage and familypray for Liz and Scott,Tom and Alysha,Mary and Nate marriages and families pray for Ryan and Kylie pray…

Repose of souls

Submitted by: Xavier CorreiaPray for eternal salvation of Caetano Fernandes, Joaquim Viegas, Carmo Coutinho, Camilo Gonsalves, Isidoro Azavedo, Rosarinho De Souza, Crisanto Pereira, Aleixo De Mello, Martinho Rodrigues, Carmelina Rebello, Anthony Carvalho and Lourdino Barreto.