Prayer requests

Submitted by: Anne

I pray the landlord refunds us our security deposit soon For fulltime work for Carlos close by soon Healing for Carlos liver that his liver enzymes are normal and his liver is not damaged I pray total healing for his whole body for fulltime work for Carlos soon i I pray healing for antoinieta Brian carlos Malcolm Desmond mabel myself Radhika renuka neil mr and Mrs goldman all at home. I pray for a second job for myself close by I pray Desmond does well in his business pays bills on time gets tenants for his house soon the ones not paying move out soon he sells the property I get my money back soon I pray mr Goldman eats his food well I pray I am able to buy a cheap house soon i pray the landlord refunds our security deposit soon i pray the person who made me put down payment for the house refunds my money soon I pray for the blessing of a child between me Anne and my husband Carlos through natural means and that I carry it full term and it’s healthy and whole for all needs of our family