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December 10 – Blessed Jerome of Sant’ Angelo in Vado

Blessed Jerome was born in Sant’ Angelo in Vado, Italy, at the beginning of the fifteenth century. While still a youth, he entered the Servite monastery in his native town, and after completing his studies he returned there as a priest. Jerome is best known for his love of silence and solitude, his spirit of prayer, and his ability as a spiritual director. He died about 1468 and his cult was approved by Pius VI in 1775.

October 25 – Blessed John Angelo Porro

John Angelo Porro was born in the Duchy of Milan in the year 1451. After her had received the habit in the Order of Servants of Mary, he lived for a time in the priory of St Mary, Milan, and later was sent to the priory in Florence. Later still, he withdrew to Monte Senario so that he might give his whole life to penance and contemplation. After living at Monte Senario for almost twenty years he returned to Milan where he engaged in the careful preparation of young children in Christian doctrine.

October 3 – Blessed Maria Guadalupe Ricart Olmos

SISTER SERVANT OF MARY - VIRGIN AND MARTYR Memorial Maria Guadalupe was born in Albal, Valencia, Spain on February 23, 1881. Early in life she expressed the desire to dedicate herself entirely to God. In 1896 she was received as a postulant in the convent of contemplative Servite nuns in Valencia. She pronounced her perpetual vows on June 19, 1900. In the convent she held various offices including that of mistress of novices and prioress.

October 1 – Blessed Cecilia Eusepi (1910-1928)

Cecilia Eusepi was born in Monte Romano (Viterbo) on February 17, 1910 and died at Nepi on October 1, 1928. Her eighteen years of life were filled with signs of the Divine Favor that began when she was five years old. Until 1915 she lived with her mother in their home village. Her father died when she was only six weeks old and her mother’s brother, her uncle, took the place of her father. His name was Filippo Mannucci.

September 6 – Blessed Bonaventura of Forlì

Bonaventure was born at Forlì about 1410. He entered the Order of Servants and became a Master of Theology. In his preaching he was note for his courage and his wisdom. He held many positions within the Order and was known for his prudence. He lived a life of penance, loved solitude and fostered the regular observance. He died at Udine in 1491. Pope Pius X approved the devotion to Bonaventure in 1911.

September 5 – Blessed Mary Magdalene Starace

Born on September 5, 1845, in Castellamare di Stabia, the former Constanze Starace was dedicated to the Sorrowful Mother shortly after her birth.She became a tertiary of the Servants of Mary in 1867. She taught catechism and directed the Daughters of Mary, an association of young women desiring to lead a devout life in the world. Four of these women also professed vows as tertiary Servants of Mary, and they formed a small community. Several outbreaks of cholera lead her to form the Compassionist Sisters in 1869. In 1893, the Compassionist Sisters were formally joined to the Order of Servants of Mary. St. Mary Magdalene of the Passion died of pneumonia on December 13, 1921. She was beatified on April 15, 2007.

September 1 – Blessed Joan of Florence

Joan was born in Florence. She lived during the first century of the Order. When she received the habit of the Third Order of the Servants, she pledged herself to the Virgin Mary. She lived a life of chastity and penance. Several ancient images represent Joan as one of the more distinguished blessed of the Order. Pope Leo XII confirmed the devotion to her in 1828.

August 31 – Blessed Andrew of Borgo San Sepolcro

Andrew was inspired by a sermon of St. Philip Benizi and so asked to receive the habit of the Servants of St. Mary in 1278 in the house of the Order in the city of Borgo Sansepolcro. He withdrew immediately to a hermitage near Borgo to live a life of penance and solitude. Both by his counsel and his works, he drew many others hermits to the Order of Servants.

August 23 – Saint Philip Benizi

Philip was born into the noble Florentine family of Benizi at the beginning of the thirteenth century, around the time of the founding of the Friar Servants of the blessed Virgin Mary. He studied both medicine and theology. The love of God was very strong in him, so that he fulfilled the divine law to perfection, by self-discipline, bringing help to the poor of Christ, praying, and particularly by reciting each day the office of the Holy Virgin.

July 13 – Saint Clelia Barbieri

Clelia Barbieri was born on 13 February 1847, at Le Budrie in the Diocese of Bologna, Italy. Her early years were passed in the great poverty. In 1868, together with three companions, she founded a community to care for abandoned girls and to provide for their education. She died at the age of twenty-three on 13 july 1870, at Le Budrie where her body is venerated. She was canonize by Pope John Paul II on April 9, 1989. From the small group at Le Budrie was born the religious family of the Minims of the Sorrowful Virgin.