The parish houses a unique relic, a rib from the incorruptible body of St. Peregrine donated by the order to further Peregrinian devotion here in our country. The relic rest in a small chapel were it is often visited by cancer patients and other faithfuls just wanting to feel what is like to get close to it. There were countless miracles attributed to the miraculous saint. Below is the dedication marker for the historic donation from Forli, Italy it reads…

In line with the desire to spread the devotion of Saint Peregrine, Patron of cancer patients, the community of the Order of the Servants Mary in Forli, Italy donated to the Filipino people a relic in the form of a rib taken from the incorruptible body of St. Peregrine. The actual body of the Saint is enshrined in the Basilica of Saint Peregrine in Forli, Italy.

The body of St. Peregrine is enclosed in a glass coffin and exposed to the veneration of the people in the Basilica, is still whole and not corrupted though darkened and dry.


The relic is a full bone, most exactly a rib from the body of St. Peregrine. Due to the more than seven centuries that has already passed from the death of Saint, the rib is darkened, but well preserved. The rib now is in the custody of the Fathers of the Order of Servants of Mary. It is preserved in a precious silver reliquary and placed permanently at the Relic Chapel located at the left side of the Altar inside the St. Peregrine Laziosi Diocesan Shrine. October 31 1998 was the solemn consecration of Saint Peregrine Parish and it was during this special occasion that the relic of St. Peregrine was enshrined to the relic chapel of the saint. It is the only outstanding relic in all the world, excluding his body kept in the Basilica of the Servants of Mary in Forli, Italy.


A relic in the form of a bone fragment coming from the body of St. Peregrine was donated to the Philippines. The relic was examined by authorized delegates from the Vatican, representative from the field of Medicine and by other priests who investigate bodies of saints still composed. The bone fragment relic in the Philippines is encased in a silver crucifix for devotees to touch after a healing rite is performed. At present, only three bone fragment relics of St. Peregrine has been examined and were subsequently donated to three countries – namely, France (Lourdes), South Africa and the Philippines.

A black cap used by St. Peregrine during his lifetime is also exposed during the Healing Masses and devotees are allowed to touch after the healing rite.

With all three relics in the custody of the friars of the Philippine Vicariate of the Order of Servants of Mary, we Filipinos feel privileged and loved by the Lord.