Submitted by: Shawn Sun

Prayer for the mantle of Mary Mother Of God for the Children Of Yah Mothers for the cloak of Saint Michael for Jesus Christ for Supernatural healing The mantle of Jesus Christ Of Nazareth prayer for the blessings of Deuteronomy 28 Prayer to remove all and every stumbling blocks to especially to divine healing and divine blessings. Prayer to be in the Victory lane Prayer ​for supernatural clean silky smooth trouble free skin from head to toes performed with the fire of God Yah divine healing divine intervention divine perfect Health divine strength divine wisdom divine blazing Glory divine beauty divine perfection divine money from Heaven divine money from Zion divine money from Paradise divine victory divine order divine justice divine freedom divine cleanliness divine purification divine Godliness divine life divine Perfection divine numberless Angels ArchAngels release from Zion Angelic Invasion on assignment doing Yah perfect will perfect plan divine grace divine gifts from heaven divine victory over the villains divine Wealth Of Heaven divine Wealth Of Zion divine Wealth Of Paradise divine love divine Light divine peace divine Glory divine Healing Hands divine smooth skin from head to toe blemish-free clean and clear Fire Of Yah Terminate all that is not of God anything coming against her well being not for her highest and greatest good is renounced revoked reversed and terminated with the Fire Of Yah God Bless ISRAEL God Shine his face upon the Land Fire Of Yah Terminate All that is not of God Yah Utopia on Earth Pentecost Fire Healing Heavenly Atmosphere Atmosphere Angelic Atmosphere Atmosphere of Glory Fire Of Yah terminate all that is not of Yah Pentecostal baptism Clean Fresh Breath Of The Rua Hakodesh divine protection of Angels divine provision divine protection from Saint Michael Gabriel Uriel Barchiel Haniel Judiel Chamuel Sealtiel Ariel Zadkiel Sandalphon Heroic deeds of Angels Heroic deeds of God God Glory Manifested Gods perfect plan be done Gods perfect will be done Heaven on Earth Zion on Earth Paradise on Earth