Prayer Request

Submitted by: Charmaine Luistro

• Pray that I may have a sign from God if I have to buy a motorcycle, I already finished my schooling and got a certificate however, I cannot decide if I have to buy or not a motorcycle because my mother doesn’t want, I need a vehicle for my own transportation in office because I had a hard time commuting in my place due to pandemic.
• Pray for a sign if I need to reconcile with my friend Ching and my my ex bf Dennis whom I had an argument this past few months
• Pray for me to have a sign if I need to apply for promotion to other office or just wait for my office to promote me.
• Pray that I can have more time and focus more on God this time
• Pray that my cyst in breast and my cyst in my uterus disappear and will not be malignant
• Pray for enlightenment on me whether I will pursue my law school or not, if this is God’s plan for me or not, I am 42 yrs old already and was able to finish my masteral this 2021 after graduating last 2000 in my bachelor’s degree. I am currently applying in Law School however my dilemma is I feel old enough to pursue my law school and of course I will be a working student and this will entail me needed money for me to finish my law school at my expense. I hopelessly undecided, pls pray for me
• Pray for my conversion and my family conversion and pray for our souls and be not tempted with sins.
• Pray for unforgiveness in my heart.
• Pray for the DOH Procurement Service that justice be served and that it will not be under poor management, that Mam Con will not have to abuse them especially on hiring. To stop injustices in Procurement Office
• Pray for our PGS Institutionalization Certification for the Department of Health Philippines (DOH) that Institutionalization Certification be granted to DOH Philippines
• Pray for my team in DOH the PMSMD HPDPB Unit
• Pray for the safety of my brother Rey and in law- Dick and my cousins Ryan and Mark in abroad and other relatives of us working abroad
• Pray for me and family safety and good health and financial blessings especially help me find a person who will built our roof in the house which will not entail us to pay high because most of the contractors is asking us high payment which I feel is abusing us. Help me to build our house this year.
• Pray for the souls of my father Regalado Luistro, Friends Sherman Jay and Florencio Molejon, Ceasar Cruz, Jr and Ruth Gonzales, Fely Ausan and Jojo and Veronica Calvario and my clan, Luistro, Dona, Rafol, Romano Family and friends
• Pray for clean election this coming May 9, that all elected government officials will look for the welfare of the Filipino people.
• Pray for all those who are sick, lonely, those with financial problems, those who are abandoned, those who are victims of abuse in whatever form, that they may see light and able to start their life anew.
• Pray for all the victims in Ukraine Russia War and Israel – Palestine War
• Pray for peace in the world.