Submitted by: Dhiems de Mesa

Prayer is hereby requested for Rowena Coleen Lim-Lugtu – for her miraculous healing against Breast Cancer that has recently metastasis towards her brain. We are praying that you could provide her a 2nd lease on her life as she can continue to be the wife to her husband, a mother to her children, a daughter to her parents, a sister to her siblings and friends to all of us.

We fervently pray that you give her a strong body and immune system that could withstand the treatments necessary to get rid of this cancer away from her body. Give her strong will-power and mental fortitude to be able to command her body to fight against this to transition to her recovery. We pray to God to give all her attending physicians the wisdom to have clarity of the mind, efficiency at work and compassion in attending to her needs as she undergoes treatment.

Continue to bless, guide and protect the people around her so they can continue to be the source of strength of Rowena as she faces the biggest challenge of her life.

We claim her miraculous healing in the name of Jesus Christ – our divine healer.