Miracles always for me

Submitted by: Alihuseyn

Hello. My name is Alihuseyn, my surname is Agazade. I was born on June 23, 1998. I have difficulties. My problems are:
1. I have recently been the victim of a great deal of injustice by a woman and her family. I consulted a doctor and a psychologist, but they could not help me. I want to forget forever the injustices and events that happened to me, but I can not forget when I remember, I get angry, it does not depend on me. It hurts me, it upsets me. My soul and my heart are troubled. Please write me a strong, effective, effective prayer now, so that my enemy may be destroyed in a very short time, so that I may forget these injustices and events that I have experienced.
2. I have bad thoughts, anxiety, stress, depression, fear in my brain. Take away all my negativity right now, give me healing right now to my broken heart, send me luck energy, good energy, positive energy.
3. It doesn’t matter what I do,it is not taken. It is incomplete.it is as if someone has bewitched me. I want to make more money, and for that, please write a strong, effective, effective prayer now. Send me money energy.
4. I applied for a Greencard. The results will be released in May this year. My biggest dream is to live in America, to be a citizen there, to work there. Please write a strong, effective, effective prayer now for this to happen quickly, in a very short time, that is, for me to get a green card in a very short time this year, to become an American citizen in a very short time.
Do not leave me alone
Do not forget me
Always pray for me
İ am in pain
Rescue me
Give me healing right now
Give healing right now to my broken heart
Please start right now
Please start right now
If you start now, all my problems will be solved now.