Healing and Reconciliation

Submitted by: Nicole

Lord God, I pray that I and my ex-boyfriend will work towards reconciliation and healing and be on sacramental marriage. At this moment, I have found whom my heart loves. While the relationship is toxic and full of pride & insecurities, may we work for now to make ourselves better and heal first and go back to each other’s arms. Forgive me for any responsibility I hold in the destruction of the relationship. I pray that he knows that he is loved and forgiven by me, but more importantly, You. I pray that You soften his hardened heart and You remind him of the strong and unconditional love he once had for me, and for me to love him better and more than he’s ever been loved before. That You show him what real love is. I pray that you are working on both of our hearts for more pure love. I pray for him to seek guidance and counseling from a spiritual leader or professional. I pray for Your thoughts to be my own, Your eyes to be my own eyes, for Your heart to replace my own heart. I pray for Your will to be done and if this is not Your will, let it be known to me without any confusion as you are not the author of confusion, but of peace. If this is not Your will, be there through the hurt and pain, and provide truth and healing. I ask all this in your precious and Holy Name. Amen.