Healing and quick recovery

Submitted by: Lokesh Venkatashiah

Please pray for me to restore my health. I have been suffering from anxiety, panic attacks,worry and hopelessness. I Never worked and earned money in my life and also never married. I feel like I lost everything. Though I trust God! Feel like I have no purpose in life.

Only thing I am grateful for is the family and people who are supportive to me.

I am experiencing Gastrointestinal issues, inflamed feet, childhood trauma, allergies, ,digestive problems. pain and weakness, imbalance/malabsorption, chest discomfort, low and upper back pain, immune system issues, skin issues, loss of weight, muscle weakness,mental and Shoulder pain, elbow pain radiating to hands, medicine side effects, physical issues and low energy.

Please pray for me to resolve the subconscious patterns and restore my Life towards joy, inner guidance, health, wealth and prosperity. Please pray for me to find a career and find passion in life and move towards health, wealth and prosperity. Also pray for my MOTHER, my SISTER and nephew for their wellbeing.

With gratitude