Healing and quick recovery

Submitted by: Lokesh Venkatashiah

Please pray for me I have been suffering high inflammatory response in the body which is causing me chronic stress, intrusive thoughts , inflammatory response in the body, detox side effects, chest tightness, feels like anaphylaxis shock, muscle soreness, breathing difficulties, dry feet, high sugar levels, blood pressure, fast heart rate, headache and feel like dizziness, loss of nutrients/malabsorption, sternum pain, rib cage pain, allergic reaction, skin issues, poor gut health issue, loss of muscle strength, chronic fear and panic attacks, trauma triggers, self doubts, negative thoughts, chronic anxiety, depression,back thoracic pain, itching, shoulder stiffness, weakness, dehydration, loss of nutrients absorption, joint pain, restlessness leg syndrome, knee jerk, sinusitis/ tinnitus, neck pain/tremors,, spine inflammation, back pain, limb issues, rib cage inflammation,, itching, weight loss, calf muscle, inflammation, high blood pressure, insomnia, Gas, bloating, causing dehydration and so many symptoms. This happens when I eat, causing me reaction due to toxins/ immune system issues due to chronic stress. Losing nutrients when I eat/urinate.

Feels like life is a hell. No confidence in life. No medication is working. Please pray for me to restore my health and calm my intrusive anxiousness and surrender to The Lord. Let God Dissolve all my problems.
With gratitude