Healing and health

Submitted by: Lokesh Venkatashiah

Please pray for me

Please for me I’m suffering from neurological/Physiological digestive(gas) and nutritional absorption related issues. The body is unable to absorb and store nutrients properly. When I eat I become fatigued and have a lot of pain in my thighs/Arms/calf.. Weakness, Loss of energy in the brain feels like no strength in the body and brain. It could be related to nervous system issues and nutrient deficiencies. Difficulty breathing pain in chest area. Also i get tremors in the neck and abdomen region. Pain in thoracic region and collar bone. When I lie down my body becomes heavy at the chest area and legs. Tremors/disturbance in the legs/arms/abdomen. It bothers me a lot. Everyday I get one new problems related to the body. I’m exhausted from this fight.

Psychologically witnessing a lot of negative thoughts like anger, anxiousness, fear, irritation, too judgemental, conflicts, irritation. No hope/faith.

Also pray for me to gain strength, acceptance and trust in the Lord and completely surrender to HIM.

With gratitude