Healing and health

Submitted by: Lokesh Venkatashiah

Please pray for me

I have been suffering from digestive issues, malabsorption of nutritions, neck tremors, hip pain, tingling sensations in legs, sensations in the feet while eating and weakness in the foot, calf muscle pain, hip pain,, restlessness, Restless leg syndrome, balancing issues when walk , foot buring pain and irritation, weakness in the right side of the rib, nervousness, irritation, frustration, nervousness system related issues and so. After eating slightly lethargic, anxiousness and a lot of mental symptoms.

Every day it causes me a problem. I feel helpless and causing me disturbances and being stuck in life.

Please pray to find the permanent solution and come out from these issues which I have been experiencing since the age of 17.

Please pray to resolve the thoughts and emotions associated with the issue and restore my complete health mentally, physically and spiritually that took me my entire life. I have been single, jobless and unsecured for 40 years.

Also pray for me to gain strength, acceptance and trust in the Lord and completely surrender to HIM.

With gratitude