Submitted by: Shawn Sun

Prayer for the Aaronic Blessing Blessing Of Saint Patrick Saint George Saint Nicholas Saint Jude Saint Benedict Saint Pantaleon Saint Ezekiel Saint Christopher Saint Padre Pio Saint Abraham The Cloak Of Saint Joseph Holy Ghost Fire Terminate All That Is Not Of God, Blessings from the Holy Of Holies, entering with the Blood Of The Lamb made whole cleanse healed, let the weigh of Gods glory fall on me, let the life Gods river flow, Let the truth of God’s Kingdom be in me, Praying for God to make his face shine on me, God be gracious to me, divine intervention, divine energy, Ascend go up to higher heights, go to next level in life, divine healing, divinely flourish, my cup runneth over, divine big win, divine big victory, divine glory, divine providence, divine newness, divine precision, divine talent, divine car, divine house, divine cleanliness, divine holiness, divine Godliness, divine purity, divine beauty, divine perfection, divine perfection in appearance, divine realms of Glory Heaven in the divine blood of Jesus Christ wash Amen. Praying for divine blessings, heavenly riches, heavenly atmosphere filled with the presence of Jesus Christ heal the ISRAEL land,heavenly atmosphere filled with the presence of Jesus Christ heal the USA land, divine intervention, divine healing, divine clarity, divine providence, heavenly beauty, divine beauty, supernatural beauty, supernatural perfection, divine perfection, divine perfect vision, divine wisdom, divine faith, divine money, divine supernatural provision, divine self control, divine prosperity, divine treasures of heaven, divine miraculous healing hands, divine armor of light, divine health, divine self control, divine positivity, divine purity, divine order, divine success, divine abundance, divine intelligence, divine glory, divine protection, divine clean clear smoothest unblemished Immaculate skin from head to toes divine Blood of Jesus Christ Purging Cleansing Purifying Washing, divine angelic activity, angelic forces fighting on my behalf, divine angelic invasion on assignment doing Gods divine holy will, divine royal priesthood blessings, plead the divine Blood Of Jesus Christ Washing Purging, divine holiness, divine cleanliness, divine love, divine purity, divine blessing beautifying countenance, divine beautiful smooth perfection bodily symmetry from head to toe, divine pleasure, divine honey, milk, divine manna, divine victory, divine victory in life, divine wins in life, divine win big, divine justice, divine perfect nose, divine perfect straight pure white teeth, divine cure, divine panacea, divine pure energy, divine fire, divine timing, divine peace, divine truth, divine sophistication, divine originality, divine heavenly style, divine favor, divine marvelous healing hands, divine strength, divine winnings, divine mercy, divine anointing, divine comfort, divine Sun light, divine cleanliness, divine toned tight body perfect sculpted , divine clean fresh purified holy air, a new divine car, a new divine house, prayer for divine beauty like Absalom, divine protection like David, divine wisdom like Solomon, divine money blessings more than enough to meet all my necessities blessings of money to remove all my tattoos, glory days, glory atmosphere, Gods richest blessings, divine halo effect, divine perfect resurrection life, divine realms of wins, divine realms of glory, divine realms of heaven, divine angelic realm, infinite blessings Gods perfect will be done in Jesus Christ Name Amen