haaling relationship

Submitted by: nn

Please pray for Erika and Darrel’sreconcilitation and healing relationshipso that their love will continue to be strong to prosper and grow. eliminatingselfishness and misunderstanding from their relationship Hopefully they canlove and support each other May their loyalty for one another remain strongand immutable always filled withcompassion, kindness, forgiveness, patience, wisdom, understanding, mutuallyopen, respect each other and gratitude. Let their love grow each day in an unshakeable union that will shine Your light on all who know them. May theylay any and all differences aside and quiet the ego mind that wants to make theother wrong in any way, Darrel to be aloyal man for erika. and erika always be loyal and patience. they’re not betempted to turn away from all the trials and tribulations that lie ahead. Maythey share life’s challenges together as a strong, unified and loving couple.May they feel the love and support of all who surround them. Please continue to protect them from negativeinfluences. please God renew their lovefor each other every day. May their relationship reflect the light of Jesus toeveryone around them. May the Lordbless their relationship and may they always keep Him a part of their love foreach other. Amen